Friday, December 31, 2010

Bath & Body Works sale!!

Bath and Body works is awesooome! lol I bought 2 anti bacterial pump hand soaps, 2 body mists (got the Secret Wonderland for free), 2 two packs of their wallflowers for $5 each, mini body butter for $3 same price as the Anti-bac hand sanitizing lotion.

Another Coastal Scents haul

Ordered some more stuff from CS only because they had their Christmas sale going on. This is what i got! ;]
I think i'm gonna take a break from them until they come out with something new and intriguing or unless they have a major sale. Got what i wanted, so no more drooling for me.. 
11 sample pigments/micas in :
Paradise Diamond Pearl, Inter Gold Sparks, Canary Yellow Mica Powder, Cerulean Mica Powder, Chameleon Violet Mica Powder, Xian Vistas Pearl Mica (aka Zion Views), Mauve Quartz Mica, China Jade Mica, Paradise Gold Fortune Interference, Orchid Shimmer Mica Powder, Winterveld Mica

3 30 gram jars
2 20 gram jars &amp
1 oz. of Silica powder spheres. I love using it as a setting powder!

1 pound of Kaolin Clay

This is amazing for controlling oily skin. The first time i tried this i was so happy, i've never had a "mattifying" powder that worked and surprised that this worked! So much product for $5.85 a lb!

1 pound of Rice Powder 

This right here has been something i've been dying to try. So i bought this for $5.50 a lb. This product isn't clumpy its so fine that when you blend it in your skin it disappears.. Haven't tried it since i got it but i'm already lovin' it! lol

88 Color Eye Shadow Palette 

This didn't come included with my haul, my sister gave it to me! Both of our packages came in today and she surprised me big time!

 28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette

 I already have the 88 Warm Palette but i just couldn't resist having this one added to my personal CS collection.. 

26 Color Shadow Blush Combo Palette

Couldn't resist with this either.. lol

Camouflage Concealer Palette

With this baby, the Eclipse Con. Palette & Camo Quad in Medium. I think i'm set for life! Everything about these are wonderful. Thick, creamy, blendable, mixable & they cover up so wonderfully on imperfections. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to my followers & readers! Have a safe weekend! XOX

Friday, December 24, 2010

Maybelline Lash & Line Stiletto Sequins

Went to Rite Aid to buy to beers so me & my sister can have a little fun for christmas eve.. There was no way i was going to walmart, i went last night and that shit was packed. So i could only imagine what it looks like now.. Anyway grabbed what me & my sis came for and waited in a long line by the makeup section and saw these.. I already own the regular lash stiletto mascara & liner and i'm in love with those and since i LOVE trying new things out i bought em lol
Read reviews on the maybelline sequins and some weren't to fond of em. Saying they weren't shimmery enough and blah blah.. I don't care about that just as long as it has enough sparkle / shimmer or whatever and isn't just black, then i'll be pissed! lol

I got those along with a St. Ives renewing lotion that has collagen!! oooh ;]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bead Storage System (28 storage jars)

I got it.. lol My sister bought it for me, how kind of her. ;P EZ View storage system. 28 jars that screw onto each other. Personally i don't really like using jars like these but since they come in a case I KNOW they won't break on me like the last one i owned.. 4 of the stacks come w/ 5 jrs and the other two come w/ 3 jrs and 1 bigger jar each.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bead Storage System for loose eyeshadows!!

I went to walmart to get some last minute gifts and wanted to look around for storage containers for my makeup and i came across these lovely things. It's called fashion accessories (bead storage system). Holds up to 24 screw top jars. Bought each set for 7.99 i think, can't find my receipt.. So it looks like i'll be buying some mica/pigment samples from c/s to fill these up with! They had another set that holds up to 30 jars but those were the kind that screw on to each other. Not sure if i'll get those but i just might knowin' my ass.. smh lol

Revlon Lipstick Haul ;]

I finally found my digital camera.. Spent days looking for that thing and i found it in my damn drawer! The picture show the colors way better and the quality (well look at the diff.).. The iphone cam i took the other pics with had no flash and my desk lamp didn't help.. Crap!

Picked these up friday night. Got the Color Burst and Super Lustrous Creme lipsticks on sale and the other 2 Revlon Mattes for regular price since they're new additions from the Suede Rhapsody matte line. I was excited to see them on sale, I love pink lipsticks!

Revlon ColorBurst : Lilac, Carnation & Baby Pink

Revlon Suede Rhapsody matte : Stormy Pink & Sky pink
Revlon Super Lustrous Creme :  Nude Velvet & Pink In The Afternoon
Something extra :] St. Ives Green Tea facial cleanser. My first time trying out this product and i love it, it doesn't make my face feel dry after washing and it leaves this cool tingling feeling. I ran out of my Cetaphil cleanser so i got this just to try something new. Cheaper than than Ceptaphil so you know.. lol

10 color blush palette, 6 color contour & blush palette, Fillers & Additives!

Recieved my package friday evening and as usual it was safely packaged and like the other 2 orders nothing was broken or missing! 

(Top) 10 piece blush palette (Bottom) 6 piece Contour & Blush palette. The clolors are beautiful! Swatched them all and they are blendable and can be built up if you want a vibrant look, same with their eyeshadows.

These are their fillers & additives. I HAD to buy some, i've read online that these can be used to make your own setting powders and primers for your personal makeup use. Not to mention some of the powders are "dupes" for expensive name brand makeup, one to name is the Make Up Forever HD Powder. Since i have oily skin these were a must for me to get, i'll try anything to control it. I also ordered their 30 gram sifter jars to hold some powders for travel use. I'll list the names on the bottom.

The big jars i ordered are around the $2 - $4 price range. All of these will last me for a while! A little goes a very long way with these! The list of ingredients purchased : (In the bottle) Silicone Oil, Titantium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Myristate, Magnesium Stearate Powder, Silica Powder Spheres, Cosmetic Microspheres Powder and Kaolin Clay. If you go on the C/S site and look up Fillers & Additives you can read more about what these powders can do for you.

Here's the vid i found to make your own silicone based primer using C/S products, super easy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

88 Warm Palette, 88 Metal Mania Palette, Camo quad in medium

Very impressed w/ everything CS has to offer. Packaging & shipping is fast, well for me. It takes about a week. So i get my package on fridays because i order on the weekend before. Gives me time to experiment! I'm so glad i decided to buy from CS. I've watched ppl use these for tutorials for like a year and a half on youtube and i just barely jumped on that bandwagon like 2 weeks ago. & now i can't stop looking to see what i can get next! SMH! lol. 

88 Metal Mania Palette
88 Warm Palette (My Favorite)

Camo quad concealer in Medium. I love their concealers, thick but just right doesn't feel too heavy on my skin, BLENDABLE and it doesn't wear off! Oh and it doesn't cake up or move on your skin if your applying powder! 

I'm placing my 3rd order tonight for the 3rd week straight. That's how good they are, got me spending my money like crazy on their products. But anyway they have a SALE right now that lasts until monday i think, 20% off everything on the site. Takin full advantage!

Friday, December 03, 2010

PRISM 88 eyeshadow palette & ECLIPSE 15 concealer shade palette from Coastal Scents..

Came home from work today to see my box of goodies i ordered last weekend.. So happy! This was my first time purchasing from Coastal Scents and im in love! Excited to get more!

 The PRISM palette! This is my first multi color palette. I purchased this when they first released it and i'm happy with it! Most colors are matte and you'll get some in satin finish. Great buy!

Eclipse Concealer Palette 15 color : The consistency of this palette is amazing! I love it. Very creamy, thick but blendable. It has color correctors and shades light to dark for different skin tones.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Miss Adoro 100% human hair eyelashes $1.00!

Went to my local dollar store to see what they had and out of the whole entire store i found & bought these cute ass eyelashes for only a dollar! I had to get them,To me it was a pretty good deal.. Compare to 2 or 4 dollar lashes at my local drugstores.. SHIT! lol I think i bought 8 of them.. Hopefully next time i go they'll be stocked up with more..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Not Your Mothers" Hair products...

Has anyone ever heard of these? I just got home from Walmart w/ my sister and i saw these in the hair care section.. I was tempted to buy but i didn't want to get anything until i saw some reviews.. Saw just one so far.. Said that these will give you a "beachy" look and has a good coconut smell to them.. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Got2B Hair products! My faaaaav!

After a few long weeks I finally went to my local Walmart (to pick up some vitamins i read about online) walked by the makeup section, passed the hair stuff and saw this shelf of Got2b hair sprays that came with a full bottle and a travel size for $3.47! By impulse I saw, I loved and so i bought! (I hate that i do that! lol) I used a different hairspray from their line called "Glued Blasting Freeze Spray"and i was impressed by the hold and how it didn't flake in my hair. I hate hairsprays that flake, annoying A F!" ;] I've never tried these before so when i do i'll blog about how wonderful it is, if it meets my standards that is.. lol ;P

Got2b "Smooth Operator" Smoothing Hairspray 9.2 OZ
Mini - 1.07 OZ

Got2b "Guardian Angel" Flat Iron Balm 6.8 OZ
Mini - 3 FL OZ

I'm going back later to get the other ones i didn't buy.. SMH!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look what i did..

I give my own dog haircuts because i'm too cheap to take him to a groomer.. jk If i had the funds my love would be one top notch pooch.. but that is not the story LOL.. Anyway i was watching some tv show w/ these wacky folks who own HUGE poodles that cut and dye their dogs hair, paint their nails for some competition. The colors they used on their dogs were vibrant, bright and the cuts they did to imitate things caught my attention.. I was so intrigued i decided to try that shit out for myself.. Boboy had no problem tryin' it out too! lmao No need to worry the dye i used is safe! Google told me that food coloring mixed w/ water is non-toxic! ;D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jersey Shore 2!? Oh mai gawwh..

When the first season of Jersey Shore came on MTV i really didn't think i'd be into it.. Thought it would be corny n shit.. but now i'm like semi addicted to this show, especially w/ season 2 on of course i didn't miss it! The first episode came on about 7pm earlier (westcoast time).. lmao With all the drama and fights who wouldn't be? My favorite person in the show is jwoww, this bitch is hardcore haha.. & one question why the hell did they bring Angelina back?? 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My spoiled brat!

My 3 1/2 yr old BAAABY!! He's a Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso mixed cutie named Boboy (Pig in Tagalog) ;]