Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrift & a small Neutrogena haul. ;]

Haven't updated in a while w/ any goodies but i'd like to share what i recently found & bought myself from these past few weeks..  It's been a looong time, okay maybe a month, since i've thrifted but i did today and found this vintage floral overnight bag from Gitano.

I don't know how i spotted it because it had other bags/purses in front of it.. guess it was the flowers! ;] I don't own anything w/ flower prints, i think. I'm usually careful with the bags i have interest in (when thrifting) but i had a good feeling about this one! I love weekender bags! You never know when you might need to use it! ;p

Last week i picked up some Neutrogena products. I'm in love w/ their facial cleansers! I switched my whole skincare routine because of it! they're my top pick of drugstore facial products.. I own 2 of their anti-aging creams, moisturizer w/ spf and toner and i want more! Then to my favorite mutli-tasking soap ever Dr. Bronners.. I already have the peppermint one but just knowing how tea tree oil works w/ it's anti bacterial properties i had to get it.. Great for makeup brushes! I'm planning on getting the almond & lavender.. Even though i know these bottles will last me FOREVER! So until then, like twitter => follow me (my blog if u like it!) :D


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