Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 color blush palette, 6 color contour & blush palette, Fillers & Additives!

Recieved my package friday evening and as usual it was safely packaged and like the other 2 orders nothing was broken or missing! 

(Top) 10 piece blush palette (Bottom) 6 piece Contour & Blush palette. The clolors are beautiful! Swatched them all and they are blendable and can be built up if you want a vibrant look, same with their eyeshadows.

These are their fillers & additives. I HAD to buy some, i've read online that these can be used to make your own setting powders and primers for your personal makeup use. Not to mention some of the powders are "dupes" for expensive name brand makeup, one to name is the Make Up Forever HD Powder. Since i have oily skin these were a must for me to get, i'll try anything to control it. I also ordered their 30 gram sifter jars to hold some powders for travel use. I'll list the names on the bottom.

The big jars i ordered are around the $2 - $4 price range. All of these will last me for a while! A little goes a very long way with these! The list of ingredients purchased : (In the bottle) Silicone Oil, Titantium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Myristate, Magnesium Stearate Powder, Silica Powder Spheres, Cosmetic Microspheres Powder and Kaolin Clay. If you go on the C/S site and look up Fillers & Additives you can read more about what these powders can do for you.

Here's the vid i found to make your own silicone based primer using C/S products, super easy!


  1. Damh thats sweet! so how is ur mixing going? and how do you like those palettes?? those are next on my list but Im lightweight hesitant...

  2. Girl i like them alot, the color payoff is good & you can build it up.. & my mixing is okay, kinda f'd up on some the first time but i got the hang of it now.. lol