Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2011 Borghese brush set from Costco!

Finally got my hands on these, picked it up today! I have the 2009 set (which i love). ;D Had to get them because the quality & price of the brushes are money saving & amazing!

These brushes are alot "taller" than the ones i bought but i like it. Very soft! They come with a "pleather" brush bag, great for traveling. & a plus for them adding names on the brush handles! Again i'm impressed ;]

**and yes they have a STRONG chemical smell to them when you first open the box but i'm pretty sure it'll go away after a few washes ;]

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Been a while...

Heres a few things i picked up recently. mmm.. sulfur. ;]

2 small tubs of Sulfur 10% ointment, made by "De La Cruz". I bought a jar of this stuff a few days ago and it's amazing for pimples and blackheads. The ointment is kinda greasy like but a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. You can use it under makeup, spot treat random pimples or leave it on overnight. Had this annoying planet forming and this stuff made it disappear the next day! Had to grab 2 more for "just in case" future uses.

Mother of Pearl lightening cream by "Grisi". To get rid of old acne scars. Hope it works lol

T.N Dickinsons Witch Hazel as a facial toner.

Sulfur bar soap by "Grisi".

>>I've read quite a few reviews on how well sulfur works on zits & blackheads. I've tried out alot of products for acne and  i've never used anything that worked so fast! I found mine at walmart but other people say you can find it at cvs, walgreens or riteaid.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrift & a small Neutrogena haul. ;]

Haven't updated in a while w/ any goodies but i'd like to share what i recently found & bought myself from these past few weeks..  It's been a looong time, okay maybe a month, since i've thrifted but i did today and found this vintage floral overnight bag from Gitano.

I don't know how i spotted it because it had other bags/purses in front of it.. guess it was the flowers! ;] I don't own anything w/ flower prints, i think. I'm usually careful with the bags i have interest in (when thrifting) but i had a good feeling about this one! I love weekender bags! You never know when you might need to use it! ;p

Last week i picked up some Neutrogena products. I'm in love w/ their facial cleansers! I switched my whole skincare routine because of it! they're my top pick of drugstore facial products.. I own 2 of their anti-aging creams, moisturizer w/ spf and toner and i want more! Then to my favorite mutli-tasking soap ever Dr. Bronners.. I already have the peppermint one but just knowing how tea tree oil works w/ it's anti bacterial properties i had to get it.. Great for makeup brushes! I'm planning on getting the almond & lavender.. Even though i know these bottles will last me FOREVER! So until then, like twitter => follow me (my blog if u like it!) :D


JUPITER - Starlighter

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor

 One of the very beautiful, talented & inspiring women of all time. 

February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

Monday, March 07, 2011

Thrift earrings..

Found these purty earrings today. My fav are the coin pair. Never seen anything like it ;}

Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage City Coach purse.

A bit old & scratchy but i'm in love! Thinks it's my best Goodwill find so far!.. ;]

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift & Target goodies ;]


I've been thrifting like crazy for the past few weeks because of being amazed at what cool things i can find and it's so much fun! I made a stop at my local thrift shop (never knew the place exsisted!) and i made a few purchases, found some cute pieces but i'm more excited about my 2 findings! LOVELOVELOVE! These cute cross-body purses for 1.00! Light brown purse is made by Renaissance & the Black leather purse is by Hidesign.

From target.. EcoTools travel cosmetic bag w/ brushes! Spent 16.00 just because i wanted the stippling brush.. lol.. Couldn't find it anywhere were they sold it by itself so i took the chance and got it even though i own the other brushes ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

You can never have "too many" colors!

Bought more colors today.. Hand picked some polishes from Kleancolor that didn't already have, sparkles, shimmers, calcium & strengthener. I'm growing out my nails or atleast i'm trying. Everytime i "try" i always do something random and chip one! Atleast doing it this way i'm saving some cash to design & pamper them myself rather than gettin' them done. Doesn't mean i'm quittin' that though lol.

Other colors i own. ;]

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More skin care buys..

Toners & moisturizers.. ;]

Skin CARE, Skin FOOOOD! Trying to take better care of my skin more than ever.. So i picked up some facial products to test out. I'ma sucker for new things! I take one look, i buy! lmao ;D

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, Avalon Organics Skin Nourishing Antioxidant Intensive Vitamin C, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer, Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser, Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying oil-free moisturizer, Yes to carrots Lip butters..

Sunday, January 23, 2011


My recent purchases! I got my hands on the Hard candy Glamoflauge concealer in Tan, when they say heavy duty they mean it. This stuff is amazingly pigmented & a little bit of it will go a long waaay, i love products that are long lasting. I also bought Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer & Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream. Both of these products were not purchased because of wrinkles (i don't have them yet but i'm preparing lol). They contain Retinol a form Vitamin A that helps fade wrinkles, sun spots, acne and evens out skintone. I bought them for skin clearing purposes.. Guess you can say it was an exciting buy for me after reading so many positive reviews.. ;D Hope they work out well for me because i plan on not wearing that much makeup for summertime! & last but not least a 4 piece mineral brush set from walmart. ;]

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black stripes pink french manicure

These are hot! Found this vid on YT by LOVE4NAILS. Super talented right? She makes the hardest designs look so easy!! I might just start gettin' into doing designs on my nails.. ;]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!.. 2nd one.. ;]

Thanks to Oh Jhoy for this award..

7 Random Facts About Myself :

I actually put 10 things about myself instead of 7 on my last post so i'll just remove 3 & put it here lmao..

1. I have piercings but no tatts! & i'd rather have tatts than piercings lmao.. 
2. I appreciate the littlest things in life & my fam.. Without them i'd be out there goin' cra cra!
3. I'm content with myself & i love life even though shit can be hard do deal with!
4. I love being different and changing up my personal style.. I recently cut my hair, did i mention i hate it? lol
5. I have a small circle of friends but no best friends, why? Can't trust most bitches now a days..
6. I paint my nails every other day!
7. I love homemade remedies & DIY's so fun!

- Thank the blogger who gave you this award.
- Pass this award to 5 other blogs you feel have style.

My 5 picks..


Got this one by surprise! I hadn't been on my blog all day, actually going thrift shopping! I love looking at interesting/ useful things i can get myself.. Anyway got home, checked my stuff saw a comment from HELLO MS. K. VERY unexpected but i love any great surprise! Thank You! 

The rules for these awards are:

*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 7 things about yourself.
*Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers and let them know the've received the award(s).

My 7 things..

1. I'm a Leo chick & i came to realize that what they say about them (well most things) are TRUE... lol
2. My 4-legged shih-tzu/lhasa apso "Boboy" is my world, my happiness & my baby!
3. I'm single & LOVIN' it!
4. I love trying out new things, whether it be food, makeup, fashion, hairstyles etc. ;p
5. I've lived in So Cal all my life, it's awesome but if i ever get the chance to experience an intriguing "someplaceelse".. I'm outta here!
6. I started this blog to spill my guts but i found that rambling on about what i love (MAKEUP!) is more exciting! Maybe this year i'll mix some of that in!
7. Watching youtube beauty gurus is what i like to do when i'm not doing anything else, my favorites are BEAUTYQQ & Manwomanfilm. I have no idea what they say most of the time but they are so creative & fun to watch!

Here are 15 lovely blogs to read & follow.. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rest In Love..

Can't believe how long it's been since Aaliyah passed, 10 years?!.. I still remember that day and what i was doing. I was at home watching t.v & folding clothes w/ my mom. She changed it to the news channel and i heard that a plane crashed, Aaliyah was in it and it went on from there. I was so sad that day! She was my favorite artist back then. If she was still here i BET she'd still be making some bomb hits.. Miss her! :'(

Friday, January 14, 2011

B&BW online haul #2

Not sure if i'm addicted but when i loooove something, i won't stop buying until i have it all bwahaha! lol jk I placed an order monday night and UPS delivered the goods like 10 mins ago.. So happy! I took advantage of their buy 3 get 2 free & buy 2 get one 1 free sale, tried to make it all fit and so i got theeessse! ;D

4 triple moisture body creams in : Twilight Woods (of course), Cherry Blossom, Secret Wonderland & Japanese Cherry Blossom.
2 body mists in : Cherry Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom & Vanilla Coconut (I think i may have found another addictive favorite ;}, it smells so good like a perfect mix of both scents equal parts vanilla & coconut.. yumm)
1 body wash in : Cherry Blossom
& last but not least Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT. On sale for 14.75, so i said what i was gonna do in my last bbw post i got it too!

This ain't all though! They have a weekender bag that i wanted to get with this order but i didn't. I wanted to see if they'll lower their sale price since the sale is ending soon and they did! Original bag price was 65.00, sale price 25.00 & now it's 16.25! So i made another order, bought the weekender bag & the mini lotion / body spray in their brand new scent called "Carried Away". Comin' in soon, early next week maybe.. ;D

Thursday, January 06, 2011

B&BW online haul..

Got my UPS package today! 

When i went to my local Bath & Body Works i noticed that their "Twilight Woods" perfume wasn't on sale.. The regular price is 29.00 and when i got home later that night i checked on their site http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp it was on sale for 14.75! I bought it along with the body butter.. The scent is addicting! I'm planning on getting the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume, it's also on sale.. You might want to get while it's half off! ;P

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Years!

We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.  ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce