Friday, December 24, 2010

Maybelline Lash & Line Stiletto Sequins

Went to Rite Aid to buy to beers so me & my sister can have a little fun for christmas eve.. There was no way i was going to walmart, i went last night and that shit was packed. So i could only imagine what it looks like now.. Anyway grabbed what me & my sis came for and waited in a long line by the makeup section and saw these.. I already own the regular lash stiletto mascara & liner and i'm in love with those and since i LOVE trying new things out i bought em lol
Read reviews on the maybelline sequins and some weren't to fond of em. Saying they weren't shimmery enough and blah blah.. I don't care about that just as long as it has enough sparkle / shimmer or whatever and isn't just black, then i'll be pissed! lol

I got those along with a St. Ives renewing lotion that has collagen!! oooh ;]

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