Friday, December 10, 2010

88 Warm Palette, 88 Metal Mania Palette, Camo quad in medium

Very impressed w/ everything CS has to offer. Packaging & shipping is fast, well for me. It takes about a week. So i get my package on fridays because i order on the weekend before. Gives me time to experiment! I'm so glad i decided to buy from CS. I've watched ppl use these for tutorials for like a year and a half on youtube and i just barely jumped on that bandwagon like 2 weeks ago. & now i can't stop looking to see what i can get next! SMH! lol. 

88 Metal Mania Palette
88 Warm Palette (My Favorite)

Camo quad concealer in Medium. I love their concealers, thick but just right doesn't feel too heavy on my skin, BLENDABLE and it doesn't wear off! Oh and it doesn't cake up or move on your skin if your applying powder! 

I'm placing my 3rd order tonight for the 3rd week straight. That's how good they are, got me spending my money like crazy on their products. But anyway they have a SALE right now that lasts until monday i think, 20% off everything on the site. Takin full advantage!


  1. I would love to have a palette like yours! I've heard of CS before but I've never really tried it. How is it? Is the price competitive?

  2. Girl these palettes are awesome. I love them personally. The prices i think are competitive, chicks saying you can get the same palettes off Ebay for cheap. I don't trust Ebay though.. Especially if whatever im buying is coming from a distant country. Shipping takes like a month and who knows what kind of handling the package has been through. Get it all broken.. Not for me though.. I'm impatient lol You should get one!