Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Coastal Scents haul

Ordered some more stuff from CS only because they had their Christmas sale going on. This is what i got! ;]
I think i'm gonna take a break from them until they come out with something new and intriguing or unless they have a major sale. Got what i wanted, so no more drooling for me.. 
11 sample pigments/micas in :
Paradise Diamond Pearl, Inter Gold Sparks, Canary Yellow Mica Powder, Cerulean Mica Powder, Chameleon Violet Mica Powder, Xian Vistas Pearl Mica (aka Zion Views), Mauve Quartz Mica, China Jade Mica, Paradise Gold Fortune Interference, Orchid Shimmer Mica Powder, Winterveld Mica

3 30 gram jars
2 20 gram jars &amp
1 oz. of Silica powder spheres. I love using it as a setting powder!

1 pound of Kaolin Clay

This is amazing for controlling oily skin. The first time i tried this i was so happy, i've never had a "mattifying" powder that worked and surprised that this worked! So much product for $5.85 a lb!

1 pound of Rice Powder 

This right here has been something i've been dying to try. So i bought this for $5.50 a lb. This product isn't clumpy its so fine that when you blend it in your skin it disappears.. Haven't tried it since i got it but i'm already lovin' it! lol

88 Color Eye Shadow Palette 

This didn't come included with my haul, my sister gave it to me! Both of our packages came in today and she surprised me big time!

 28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette

 I already have the 88 Warm Palette but i just couldn't resist having this one added to my personal CS collection.. 

26 Color Shadow Blush Combo Palette

Couldn't resist with this either.. lol

Camouflage Concealer Palette

With this baby, the Eclipse Con. Palette & Camo Quad in Medium. I think i'm set for life! Everything about these are wonderful. Thick, creamy, blendable, mixable & they cover up so wonderfully on imperfections. 

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  1. I personally have alot of products from them and I do like them. But, I agree, I have to take a break until they come out with something amazing. Great post!