Saturday, July 31, 2010

Look what i did..

I give my own dog haircuts because i'm too cheap to take him to a groomer.. jk If i had the funds my love would be one top notch pooch.. but that is not the story LOL.. Anyway i was watching some tv show w/ these wacky folks who own HUGE poodles that cut and dye their dogs hair, paint their nails for some competition. The colors they used on their dogs were vibrant, bright and the cuts they did to imitate things caught my attention.. I was so intrigued i decided to try that shit out for myself.. Boboy had no problem tryin' it out too! lmao No need to worry the dye i used is safe! Google told me that food coloring mixed w/ water is non-toxic! ;D


  1. your doggie is so adorable!!!

    i'm jelz.

    i've always wanted a dog!

    he's lookin' fiiiine :D

    ps. thank you so much for following! x

  2. OMG. That is sooo adorable. <3

  3. So cute, i died my bichons ears silver lol