Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift & Target goodies ;]


I've been thrifting like crazy for the past few weeks because of being amazed at what cool things i can find and it's so much fun! I made a stop at my local thrift shop (never knew the place exsisted!) and i made a few purchases, found some cute pieces but i'm more excited about my 2 findings! LOVELOVELOVE! These cute cross-body purses for 1.00! Light brown purse is made by Renaissance & the Black leather purse is by Hidesign.

From target.. EcoTools travel cosmetic bag w/ brushes! Spent 16.00 just because i wanted the stippling brush.. lol.. Couldn't find it anywhere were they sold it by itself so i took the chance and got it even though i own the other brushes ;)


  1. We (boys) don't understand these thing, we just understand the outstanding result.
    Thank you women.