Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ebay jewelry haul #3...

Boboy says hi :)

 Received more jewelry in the mail from this week... still waiting on more to come! ;D

I was looking for a lion pendant necklace (since i'm a Leo :)) and found/bought the bronze lion for 4.25.. I also won both the spider & peacock locket pendant for a 1.29 each. Rhinestone owls : 1.54 & the glasses necklace.. the cheapest i've won out of everything won that for .45! lol

white feather => 1.51 & black => 1.25. In love w/ these earrings!

Won a 3 piece lot of the smaller cross for only .99! Won another 3 piece lot for the bigger cross for a 1.54.. Gave the other extras to my mother & sister. 
Seller findingscrown

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